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Benton Franklin Orthopedic Associates and Benton Franklin Physical Therapy

We are a group of surgeons, physical therapists and occupational therapists dedicated to providing exceptional comprehensive care to people from all walks of life. We are specialists in the fields of orthopedic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, hand surgery and total joint and spine surgery, sports medicine and care for fractures. We are all graduates of North American medical schools and universities and board-certified by our respective boards.


Over 30 years of physical and orthopedic care

As an experienced team of specialists, we take a joint approach to taking in your every concern to develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that will work with your unique lifestyle no matter what the case. We take pride in being the bridge between assessing your injury and returning you back to full strength.


Experience optimal physical therapy techniques and compassionate patient care at Benton Franklin Orthopedic Associates and Benton Franklin Physical Therapy. Call us today at 509.586.2828 to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor or use our online Request an Appointment form. We serve the communities of Pasco, Prosser, Richland, Walla Walla and Kennewick.

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Top 10 Physical Therapists in Kennewick, WA 2015
Congratulations to Benton Franklin Orthopedic Associates for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in Kennewick Physical Therapist
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